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Covid Vaccination and Breastfeeding

Confusion on covid vaccination of breastfeeding mothers cleared

  1. A breast feeding mother can take any of the covid vaccines irrespective of the age of her baby.

  2. Mother does not need to stop breastfeeding before during or after vaccination.

  3. Even if mother gets fever or malaise after vaccination she can continue breast feeding.

  4. Antibodies produced in mothers body after vaccination will pass on to her baby through breast milk. It will provide the advantage of passive immunity to the baby. there no chance of any harm from these antibodies. It will only help the baby to protect itself from covid.

  5. There is no need of separation of baby and mother after vaccination for any duration.

  6. If Mother had covid in the past, she should wait 3 months after cure before starting vaccination.

  7. There is no relation between mother's vaccination and baby's routine childhood vaccination. Baby's vaccination can continue as scheduled.

  8. During this pandemic situation breastfeeding is best for the baby. Try to avoid formula milk.

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