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How to protect your kid from COVID?

Measures to keep your children safe:

1. All those going out of home for work should maintain all the precautions like wearing mask, using sanitizer and handwashing. Avoid going into crowd.

2. Drink plenty of fluids and normal diet- for all family members.

3. Take lots of fruits and dry fruits.

4. Exercise daily - Don't get obese.

5. Give your children Vaccine for Pneumococcal and Influenza.

6.Contact your doctor if you have any symptoms of fever or Diarrhea.

7. Don't Panic if your family gets Covid as Maximum children gets well with only some supportive medications at home. Only rarely do children develop complications requiring hospitalization.

8. If mother of a breast feeding baby develops Covid, dont stop breastfeeding as it will protect your baby. During breast feeding Covid positive mothers have to wear a mask and wash their hands with soap and water before starting breastfeeding.

9. Get yourself vaccinated with covid vaccine- covishield or covaxin if you are eligible. As children are not eligible for vaccine getting yourself vaccinated will protect your children.

10. Get A health Insurance for your family including your children NOW.

Dr Sabyasachi Das

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