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Healthy Practices to protect your Child from Diarrhea.

Diarrhea, a leading cause of hospital visits, hospitalization and malnutrition is something which can be prevented easily.

Diarrhea is very common in children leading to school absenteeism and malnutrition. Some tips to prevent it.

Do's 1. Regularly wash your and children's hand particularly before feeding with soap and water.

2. Trim your and children's finger nails at regular interval of 5-6 days or use spoon to feed your child

3. Use glass, sippers or spoon to feed milk or liquids.

4. Breast feed your child. Avoid formula feeds. If unavoidable sterilize feeders regularly in sterilizer

5. Clean the floor twice daily. Wash all the toys, beddings at regular interval.

6. Give Rota virus vaccinations at proper time.

7. If diarrhoea starts continue normal feeding, give ORS ( oral rehydration solution) and monitor urine output( atleast once in 4-5 hours) and contact doctor.


1. Dont give honey, sugar, jaggery, michri etc to babies less than 6 months old.

2. Dont use nipple shields, feeding bottles, pacifiers as much as possible. Instead use steel cup spoon glass etc to feed.

3. Dont keep shoes slippers near play area of children.

4. Dont wash utensils in pond water

5. Dont start giving antibiotics from previous prescription or asking from pharmacy.

6. Dont stop feeding to a child having diarrhoea, it will make him more weak.

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