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Misconceptions regarding feeding of Children.


  1. Breast feed your baby exclusively for first 6 months of life.

  2. Start offering water only after 6 months of age.

  3. Breast feeding can continue till 2 years of age, start home cooked food from 6 months.

  4. Start giving semisolid food from 6 months of life.

    1. Start with Cereals like rice, wheat, corn and pulses.

    2. you can add oil ghee butter spices as required to enhance the taste of cooked food.

    3. sugar and salt can be added to food but take care to avoid making the food too salty or sweet.

    4. Cook the food properly to make it soft.

    5. Start non- veg foods like fish egg meat as early as possible from 6 months. They are very important source of protein.

    6. Feed prepared food with cup spoon or fingers, not through bottle.

    7. On starting semisolid foods its common for the child to vomit. Don't worry keep on offering foods, the child will start accepting with time.

    8. Changing of stool frequency and consistency is common after starting food. Dont panic, dont give any medications by yourself.

    9. Home made food is sufficient for children. Formula cereals are not necessary.

    10. Amount should be 4-5 bowls a day- semisolid in texture.

5. Encourage self feeding from 15 months of age. Finger foods can offered from 10 months with supervision.


  1. Dont Feed with formula milk unless advised by your doctor.

  2. Dont make your baby sleep on tummy after feed unsupervised- it can cause breathing problems.

  3. Dont start semisolids before 6 months of age.

  4. Dont use uncooked food for infants like Rice dust, Dry food dust etc

  5. Dont make the food too watery for ease of feeding. It will hamper calorie value of the food.

  6. Dont give sugary drinks to children like Cold drinks, Packaged fruit juices etc.

  7. Dont use unhygienically prepared foods like jaggery, misri etc

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